La Mer Leisure Anchorage Zone 5


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I've used this anchorage once. This anchorage is located off La Mer and is an ok spot to watch any La Mer fireworks or to just enjoy the Dubai skyline. Traffic in this area is heavy with most not knowing it's an anchorage. When I was there, it seemed like boats didnt realize or expect a boat to be anchored there. Anchorage also provides no protection from the wind at all.

From the Sea Dubai Website:
The area shall be used for long stay for marine crafts.
Non-motorized Leisure Activities in the area shall be conducted with a supporting boat and the activity shall not venture more than 500 m from the supporting boat.
* All authorized activities are available from sun rise to sun set.

Authorized activities here are: Fishing, Kayaking, Banana Ride, Fly Board, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Donut Ride and Jet Skis

Zone timing: 24/7

Any vessel intended to anchor or conduct Marine Leisure activity shall seek DMCA approvals through: SMS ( +971 56 682 4343 ) or Email ( ).
The format for sending the “Request for Leisure Boats Anchorage“ shall be:
Vessel No. Zone No. Time In Time Out

Again, I have personally used this anchorage. The holding is great with my standard delta anchor on 25m of chain and 30m of rode. I believe the depth is anywhere between 11-16m with a sandy bottom. Approval is straight forward using SMS. I've never had any luck contacting them through the App or via email. Approval time is usually anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour.

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