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  1. JoeV

    Installed a Mast Track and a Mast Ring for my Whisker Pole

    I decided to save a little money by installing my own mast track this weekend. First thing I had to do was source my parts. I ordered a 2' long section of track from Defender Marine and a sliding Mast Ring. Once the parts arrived, I used the track to locate the exact hardware I would need. I...
  2. JoeV

    La Mer Leisure Anchorage Zone 5

    I've used this anchorage once. This anchorage is located off La Mer and is an ok spot to watch any La Mer fireworks or to just enjoy the Dubai skyline. Traffic in this area is heavy with most not knowing it's an anchorage. When I was there, it seemed like boats didnt realize or expect a...
  3. JoeV

    Lebanon Beach Club

    We took a quick day sail out to Lebanon Beach Club on Lebanon Island in the World group of islands. This island is commonly referred to as "the Island". Located in Dubai's iconic World Islands development, Lebanon Island was the first development to open it's doors to the public. The 500,000...
  4. JoeV

    Stainless Steel Split Rings and other Assorted Hardware

    I have been on the lookout for stainless steel split rings for my boat since she arrived here a year ago. You know the ones, theyre on the lifelines, pins for blocks, rigging, everywhere. I tried some from Ace and Speedex but they turned out to be a very low-grade stainless steel, or not...
  5. JoeV

    Recommended Navigation Apps in the UAE

    What are the best navigation tools/software that everyone is using here in the UAE? I primarily use my Raymarine Chartplotter (Axiom running Lighthouse) loaded with all the maps for this region. In addition to that, I use a GPS iPad running Navionics and that seems to work just as well as the...
  6. JoeV

    Unique Perspectives

    Tools of the trade
  7. JoeV

    Black & White Marinas

    the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club after midnight
  8. JoeV

    Garmin InReach Explorer +

    Wanted to share my experience with the Garmin InReach I purchased for use here in the UAE. I've had it for a while but didn't get around to using it until last weekend during the sailing rally from Dubai to Ras Al Khaima. The model I went with is the InReach Explorer+ and I selected the...
  9. JoeV

    Marine Electricians in Dubai

    I had an issue last month with a Victron Battery monitor that I installed. The installation was straight forward and all the parts needed came with the kit...minus battery cables. I was having an issue with the monitor reading charging status and was referred to a marine electrician named...
  10. JoeV

    JBR Leisure Anchorage Zone 4

    This is another one of my go-to anchorages and I have used this anchorage multiple times. Good for a moderate sail around the palm if you're north of Dubai Marina. Its another great spot to hang out for the day and watch the sunset on the Dubai Marina skyline. The skuline here is very...
  11. JoeV

    Jumana West Leisure Anchorage Zone 2

    I've used this anchorage regularly as its convenient to the palm as well as the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. This anchorage is located at Daria Island and is an ideal destination to drop anchor and enjoy the Dubai skyline at sunset. In my opinion, this is one of the best vantage points of the...
  12. JoeV

    Burj Al Arab Leisure Anchorage Zone 1

    I used this anchorage multiple times almost every week while I was berthed at the Palm. Super-convenient to the Palm Jumeriah Marina East. Good for a quick sail and an ideal spot to watch the sun set while viewing the iconic Burj Al Arab. Traffic in this area can be annoying with all the...
  13. JoeV

    Is Single-handing in the UAE possible?

    Sometimes I get off work, wind and temp is perfect, I've got time to kill and just want to take the boat out for a quick turn. How do we go about this in the UAE without lying on the sailing permit? From what I understand, the Coast Guard will kick a permit back that states a crew of 1?
  14. JoeV

    Dirty Sails...

    Quick question...does anyone know the best way to get these black marks off my jib without damaging it? I bought an environmentally friendly cleaner from Ace Hardware but it did nothing...
  15. JoeV

    Sailing Reika

    Hello, I'm Joe, from the US and currently sail Reika, a 36 foot Dufour berthed at DOSC. She's my first boat but I have been sailing for about 20 years. I bought her in France last year (thanks Philippe) and sailed her to Italy where we had her shipped to the UAE. I've had a great year with her...